Thursday, 15 September 2011

Happy 50th, Mothercare!

Here at TeleVisualise we have been kept busy recently working with children's clothing retailer and British high-street institution Mothercare, helping make sure their 50th anniversary got good coverage across plenty of key websites.  The key here was offering the right type of content to the right people, and making it interesting.  Mothercare were able to provide some excellent spokespeople, including their longest-serving employee, their Director of Design and Innovation, and mothers from both 50 years ago as well as the present day.  Between them they provided ample material for a video podcast looking at the changes in parenting over the last 50 years.  By making the video's subject about parenting rather than about Mothercare not only were Mothercare able to be positioned as parenting experts, but the video was run on websites who might have declined it had it simply been about Mothercare's 50th anniversary.

However in this case the video podcast was only half the story.  By organising a number of online competitions and prize giveaways alongside the video coverage we were able to reach a wide range of news and feature sites, with big names like Mail Online and AOL among those running content.