Monday, 6 June 2011

Online Competitions - The Multiplier Effect

One route to coverage we always get excellent results from is online competitions.  For a start they can provide some genuine editorial endorsement from many major respected online publications who can sometimes be difficult to reach via other routes.  We recently worked with Rotary Watches to organise competitions on websites visited by their target demographics, with big names such as AOL and Marie Clare running copy and giving away watches.

Whilst this alone would  make competitions a worthwhile consideration for most online campaigns, given the right conditions this coverage can grow exponentially as competitions are picked up by competition sites - websites that provide readers with links to competitions - as well as propagated across people's social networks as they share details of the competitions with each other, meaning your initial coverage can end up generating a far greater word of mouth across the Internet, given the right conditions.

What are the right conditions?  We put a lot of thought and planning into getting the right prizes to the right people at the right time, these three things (amongst others...) are all crucial factors in making online competitions work effectively.  Give us a call if you're interested in learning more..